Bhutan Travel Coordinator welcomes you to Bhutan.

Discover this remote Himalayan country of Bhutan, uncovering monasteries, Dzongs, and isolated rural communities. having a total population of less than 800,000.

Largely untouched by the modern world, Bhutan is the most unique country in terms of religion, arts, architecture and culture in the world. The cars on the roads are without traffic lights, but drivers carefully maintain driving rules in their mind.  In addition, one can surely enjoy the unique experience of Bhutanese life.

A Journey through Bhutan will take you through rich forests, over high mountains passes and to some of the most biologically diverse national parks and ancient temples in the world. You will find the Bhutanese welcoming and showing you their deeply Buddhist and traditional way of life, where Gross National Happiness is more important than Gross Domestic Product.

Lets us plan a trip for you today. If you come here now, you will be lucky to witness the uniqueness of Bhutan before the country is touched by modernization.

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Our travellers say

  • I miss you all the way . . Thank you so much for arranging wonderful experience in Bhutan . Love to visit again ....
    Wang,Hui - Chuan, Taiwan
  • Pema, I will never forget my unique trip to Bhutan. What I remember most ls not only the magnificent historical and religious places but also our discussions of the human side of life.   You also in a simplistic way gave me an understanding of what Buddhism is all about.  Needless to say I appreciate your efforts to make sure that my comfort is always met.
    Best regards, Jerry
  • Hey Pema, the group have reached safely! Once again, thank you so so so much for the past 10 days, it was such a blessing to meet and know you! I’ve learned so much about your culture, country & Buddhism and I’ll always rmb the things you told me. Bhutan will always have a piece of my heart.