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Welcome to the Land of Happiness Kingdom!

Bhutan Travel Coordinator was founded by a travel enthusiast with a vision to provide a memorable travel experience for her clients, she has traveled worldwide. It is her belief that travel must combine new experiences with fun. It is exchanging knowledge and understanding not just pointing out sites that makes travel so intriguing. This is the philosophy our agency and tour guides follow to ensure you take some of our country’s unique ‘gross national happiness’ with you.

Our customer-oriented services are focused on your happiness from the time you are planning your trip. We will spare no effort to make you feel relaxed in a home-like atmosphere., Our professionally certified tour guides “in the field” with you, will ensure your comfort throughout and provide first-hand assistance to fulfill your request or solve any personal issues. Our office staff with great communication channels, expertise skills and life experience in the business are always responsible for backing up the field staff. Bhutan Travel Coordinator’s staff will only have completed their job when they know you are home ready to share memories of your journey to Bhutan with friends and family.